Hello! Thank you for visiting the site. I am Babs Evangelista, a wedding photographer and portrait photographer based in New Orleans, Louisiana. Specifically the romantic and picturesque French Quarter, which you'll see as the background in much of the wedding photography and portrait photography on my blog. I am currently booking clients for 2014 and 2015. Please get in touch to arrange your photo shoot or to learn more about having me as your wedding photographer.

Rainy Day Engagement Photography in the French Quarter

It was a rainy day in New Orleans- not the summer shower kind of rain, but the all day, all night, all weekend kind of rain.  Carrie and Austin were visiting the city for one day, so postponing their engagement portraits was not an option.  With umbrellas in hand, we set out under the cloudy skies to Armstrong Park for the first part of the shoot.  After some dancing and smooching around Congo Square and the cool statues and bridges in the park, we crossed North Rampart in search of 200 year old Creole cottages.  Carrie and Austin were amazing sports about the weather, and I am thrilled with their engagement portraits.  At least one of these in going on their Save the Dates for their September wedding- I can’t wait to see which of their engagement portraits are their favorites.  Here are mine!


A Surprise Proposal in the French Quarter

As a wedding photographer in New Orleans, I have clients coming to me from near and far to experience the romance and magic of a French Quarter photo shoot.  Sam was bringing his girlfriend Kimberly to visit New Orleans for a friend’s wedding, and found himself with an opportunity for the perfect proposal of marriage- one that Kimberly would always remember and cherish.

We planned all the details in advance- the time and place and ring-hiding scenarios.  There was a rain plan in place but nothing could beat the backdrop of the St. Louis Cathedral as seen from inside Jackson Square Park- and this is the scene Sam wanted for his proposal.  As the drops came down I shook my fist at the sky, and decided that it was light enough that I could still shoot, and we could go through with the original Jackson Square Park proposal scenario, and I wouldn’t have to send a secret text message to Sam quickly changing to the rain plan.

As usual, my heart was racing when I saw the to-be-engaged couple come into my view.  I continued pretending to be a tourist photographing the park as they passed me.  My trusty associate Kate was on the other side of the park, also on a zoom lens.  We were in position- and then the magic moment happened.  After she said yes, we took a few traditional engagement portraits and walked them over to enjoy their first meal as an engaged couple- jazz brunch at Court of Two Sisters.

I am so thankful the rain was feeling generous and stayed light for our shoot- Sam and Kimberly took it all in stride and didn’t have a care in the world as they shared secret moments and envisioned their future life together.  I am thrilled with the photos- here are some of my favorite moments:




Jackson Square Wedding Preview

This weekend I had the pleasure of photographing Greg and Stefanie’s wedding in Jackson Square, mere steps from where I photographed Greg’s surprise proposal to Stefanie last year.  It was a beautiful day for a wedding in the French Quarter, and I can’t wait to edit all the pictures and get them on the blog.  In the meantime, here are a couple of gems that jumped out at me while uploading their wedding:

A bride and groom pose for portraits in Jackson Square of New Orleans.


Paint Party!- A Colorful Trashing of the Dress and the Tux

As a wedding photographer, I often get to photograph the bride and groom after the wedding for additional portraits.  As a wedding photographer in New Orleans, I sometimes get requests for portraits that are somewhat outside of the traditional formal portrait box.  This Trash the Dress/ Trash the Tux session is as far outside of that box as we can get.

Shreya and Colin are lawyers.  Grown folks who go to the office, presumably with briefcases, take meetings, etc..   I just want to put that out there. When these two enigmatic esquires told me their idea for a day-after session, I was intrigued. They said they wanted to paint each other in their wedding outfits, and I pictured them each creating lovely designs on each other and having a creative and pleasant time.  Little did I know that their idea of what we would be doing fell more along the lines of an all-out paintwar.  Here’s what happens when a bride and groom, perfectly made for one another in their levels of go-for-it-ness, go bananas with finger paints in their Trash the Dress/ Trash the Tux portrait session:



Friendship, True Love, and Jazz- Wedding Photography From Preservation Hall

As a wedding photographer in New Orleans, I see weddings of all sizes and styles.  Tatiana and Jason’s day was the kind every wedding photographer dreams of.  These two opposites attract one another so completely, and a deep admiration and friendship is the foundation for their beautiful love story.  Full of simplicity and significance, wrapped up in joy and spirit, this wedding is one I will never forget.

The bride and groom got ready together at their home just a short walk from the wedding location.  The intimate afternoon ceremony and reception were both at Preservation Hall, a venue of special significance to Tatiana and Jason. Portraits of Tatiana’s grandparents presided over the vows, and friends provided music for the ceremony.    At the reception, for a few rare hours, there was swing dancing in Preservation Hall as guests enjoyed the sounds of the Palmetto Bug Stompers and Meschiya Lake.  The day ended with a romantic evening walk down Royal street as the newlyweds made their way home.  I am completely in love with these wedding photos.  Here are some of my favorites from the day:

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